Sr. Product Manager | Video Architect | Computer Language Manipulator


Problem Solver

'Work-around Queen' dedicated to finding a problem's solution.


Degreed in Accounting. Many years working in small to large companies, and start-ups.

B2B & B2C

Finds ways to increase brand visibility and attract new clients/customers.

Web/App Developer

Love to code customized and unique sites as well as plan through web applications.

UX/UI Enthusiast

Detailed customer profiles, efficient interactive experiences; backend support.

AI Assimilator

Continues to learn how to use AI in projects.


Digital Marketing and Video Editing ~ product branding life-blood. I love finding customized creative ways to achieve them.

Graphic Design

It's noted that 65% of people are visual learners. Well designed graphics are crucial for any business or venture.

Team Building/Mentoring

No man is an island, we all have much to offer. I enjoy sharing tips and experiences, making an impact on others.

About Me

I love languages and found that several, computer languages in particular, were ones I enjoyed becoming familiar with. So, being a creative and resourceful person, I began to teach myself a few of them. My passion for visuals help push me and soon I discovered various ways to incorporate my new found skills into my career.

Quickly I became a UX/UI Enthusiast as well as one facinated with AI. For me it's all about the journey of figuring out what makes tech products work. Creating efficient user experiences is also key for me, since a person's attention can easily be pulled away in today's digital age.

Something I'm proud is of going from conceptualization through to the launch of Readio app (Cloutbooks) (for ebooks). The journey put all of my to date skills (and aquiring of new ones) to the test. The experience was priceless.

Because of Readio app (Cloutbooks), I'm at a place in my career where I'd like to help build or improve on something. I have done so in several industries and currently seeking the next team to be a part of or lead. With over twenty years of cumulative experience in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Web Development, and Leadership, I'm confident that my strong expertise in product management, business operations, financial management, and team building/mentorship can assist in pushing any venture upward and beyond its set goals.

Some of the industries I've had the pleasure to work in are publishing, e-commerce, gaming, pyrotechnics, accounting services, politics, pharmaceuticals, beauty, HVAC, insurance, property management, and wholesale/retail.

If your business or venture is seeking someone with a broad and diverse background, feel free to use the Contact Link and connect with me so we can discover if I am able to assist in realization of your outlined goals and more.